The Current Trends On Reverse Mortgage Information

Going back in the history of reverse mortgage, information has it that the first reverse mortgage was given in the 1961 and the recognized home equity conversion mortgage just started since the 1989. Since these times, there are over 600,000 loans that have been provided for consumers and around 74 percent of them have been funded in the past years. Statistics that the housing authorities have compiled say that loans from conversion mortgages make up around most of the entire reverse mortgage loans. Information has it that these loans are very well known and widely used by many seniors in a short time and because of affordability, that is why they have been continually demanded over the years.

There are several reasons why consumers are finding these reverse mortgage information beneficial. Because of reverse mortgage information, there are specialists who believe that there are reasons why consumers have taken up these loans. Surveys have found out that some borrowers have become very interested in choosing the reverse mortgage loans and use the proceeds to pay their traditional mortgage loans. There are several individuals who take this options because they need to step up their quality of life, they need funds for home repairs or they need case to cover some expenses that they need paid. Click here to get started.

  1. There are also experts who believe that the growing demand over these reverse mortgage loans can be credited from the fact that there are more reverse mortgage information available around, information on protecting consumers and lenders who are providing these options. There are several seniors who have sought for these loans that some few years. Back in the 1990s, the number of seniors is lower than the number of these same groups in the year of 2008, statistics have shown. Experts believe that these figures are still bound to increase because the late last century baby boomers are now about to enter their retirement age. You can also learn more about reverse mortgage by checking out the post at

Furthermore, reverse mortgage information at has also been in several changes over the past years. There are particular groups that have purchased these loans and these people have set interest rates on these loans, requiring borrowers to receive adjustable rates from lenders. Recent years have had these loans given fixed interest rates and have urged borrowers to have their cash in one single lump sum. But before this decision, only around three percent of the borrowers are using this option.